MARIANNA GIOKAS on breast cancer, self-care & living a purposeful life (English)

Episode Summary

Note: This episode contains references to cancer. Marianna describes her transformational self-awareness journey after she found out she had breast cancer and shares with us all the self-care tools she discovered to help her cope and find a life of purpose. This is THE ONE FIERCE HEART, stories of people finding wisdom, courage and compassion when life got challenging. Hosted and created by Dena Argyropoulou

Episode Notes

Marianna Giokas is a certified Mindfulness, Breathwork, and EFT/Tapping coach and founder of Zen Den Wellness, LLC. She offers customized self-care programs for individuals, couples, and groups. Her goal is to empower her clients to use effective, self-help tools for stress relief and self-awareness, allowing them to lead fulfilling, healthy, and productive lives. 



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